A downloadable game for Windows

Quick game Made for Bay Area Womxn In Games GameJam October 2018, Theme: 90s Nostalgia, Made with @kapezit

How To Play

Click the answers to the trivia question. If you're not sure hit the "get a clue" button ( get it because it's a hint and also "Get a clue" was slang people said in the 90s ) Getting a clue will mean you get less points, but getting it wrong is 0 points so it's worth it.

Things we wanted to get in and didn't have time for/known issues

  • If you're running on a machine that doesn't have OpenGL3.2 or greater you get a "Couldn\'t find any pixel format that matches the criterias." error.  ( This also seems to be happening when using remote desktop) I didn't have time to experiment with the other backends and that happens to be the default I tested with on my dev machine, sorry for people with old video cards as this game obviously shouldn't require it.
  • Found a bunch of cute throwback images for answers, but didn't have time to implement in game.
  • Any form of animations and better feedback
  • Making people lose early
  • Better question variation
  • A reset button, for now just close the window ( theres no more content on game over, you're done )
  • no audio
  • This is one of my only gamejam games not featuring my cats, in all fairness they hadn't been born in the 90s but still, I can't shake the feeling that this game would have been better if we had worked in a pre-cat internet takeover somehow

Technical Notes

Earlier this year Ready At Dawn made a big point of switching from C++ to Rust. Wanting to see what could challenge the mighty C++ ( and not just be an individual's pet language ) I wanted to try it. It seems like Piston is the most popular engine now so I was just messing with it.

My main takeaway was that a weekend project isn't long enough to really take advantage of the concurrency safety rust provides, so instead you just get reminded of the mild inconvenience of really needing to think through what is mutable and what is const.  Also first impressions as someone still not using auto much was I was frequently intentionally trying to compile with the wrong type so the compiler would tell me the real one, I really do think that adds a lot more things to remember and try to guess at ( aka harder to program ) especially when function signatures and class names do require the type.  The idea of a const default is really interesting but takes a lot of getting used to.  In terms of ecosystem, Library dependency management is amazing, but IDE support I found was meh. 

Install instructions

Windows only unless I feel like setting up Rust on my mac or linux box ( which I don't )


RustGameRedistribute.zip 2 MB

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