A downloadable game for Windows

A game made for Ludum Dare 44, the theme was Your Life is Currency.

The basic idea is that Instagram models and photographers make money by oversharing their life and make it look a certain way. 
So your goal is to take a photo that will get the most viral shares one way or another. And enjoy soothing audio while being judged.

Our team had a good mix of experienced and first timer game jam participants.

How to play
Objective: take a photo that will be "on brand" for the model. You need to hit the red button at the right time, and can modify some background objects. Or add a filter!

Things that we wanted to get in but didn't have time

  • We were originally way over-scoped trying to get in 5 levels, instead we got in 2 levels.
  • Scoring unbalanced. 
  • Not enough time on the HUD making it feel like a phone


  • Unreal 
  • Audacity
  •  Photoshop

Other notes
Screenshots are saved in LD44InstaBF/Saved/Screenshots/WindowsNoEditor


LD44InstaBF.zip 172 MB

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