LDJam36 - "Ancient Technology"

"Landfill of Forgotten Advances" is a game where you are digging up lesser thought about inventions that changed the world. It's sort of the ridiculousness of Carmen Sandiego with the optional intel popups of Valiant Hearts and gameplay like a simpler minesweeper. Red means warm, blue means cold.


  • Godot Engine
  • Pixlr

Cut features:

  • Originally your shovel had durability so you could lose, it didn't really add anything though other than giving people a place to quit but if people were bored they could do that anyways.
  • Sounds… I didn't have time to find one's that didn't just drive people nuts with repetition.

First time using Godot Engine and I have to say I liked it, I hope it gets brought up in more than just passive aggressive jabs against unity in the future.


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