LD37 - "One Room"

"Passive Aggressive Roommate Wars" - a 3D "Spot the differences" game.


  • WASD - move
  • click to select differences
  • Esc - pause


You have a summer internship at a company with housing. You end up having to share a studio one room with a random roommate working a different shift than you....and they keep moving your stuff.


Unity5.3 and a bunch of free asset store assets

Other notes:

  • my alt title: Trying to get glow outlines to work on models in webgl unity F-ing sucks
  • Resorted to just using a text label when hovering
  • Only had two days on this one.
  • This jam instead of learning a new tool since I've recently been teaching teenagers I tried to
  • do things a new user would do, namely just get things from the asset store and tutorials rather than my usual
  • learned habits of grabbing opengameart 2D content. I realized about 20 minutes in this goal was not very possible since I can't unlearn things I know, so back to just watching for common student mistakes.

Things I learned:

  • still hard to get a consistent theme/tone from asset store models
  • multicam views and Render-To-Texture in unity is easy.
  • WebGL stealthy doesn't support post fx like glows, and most internet tutorials are mostly DX.

Things that got cut due to running out of time:

  • Add floaty text ( or just timed subtitles of clever funny things )
  • Spam click protection ( part of floaty text )
  • Particles on clicking
  • timer?

Try the download versions if you're having trouble with WebGL


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