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"Participating in a Drinking Game While Playing Soccer" is a game for #LDJAM41 Theme:"Combine 2 Incompatible Genres"

Let's face it, trying to play a drinking game while doing anything with running seems like a one way ticket to vomit-town faster than coding your own fast movement in a low framerate VR game.

You have 60 seconds to play some 1 v 1 street soccer meanwhile the game gets blurrier as you get drunker.

You need to drink anytime:
1. Anyone scores a goal
2. Every time 10 seconds pass
3. A crowd member yells
4. A bug happens when the ball gets stuck and you need to hit 'R' to reset it.

If you don't hit the "drink" button within 3 seconds of one of these rules triggering the game will automatically make you drink double the normal amount. So you should try to drink every time you hear the bell sound meaning a rule has been triggered ( it's very pavlovian. ) You can also just drink for no reason... just like in real life.

Controls Keyboard or controller:
Move: WASD + Mouse/Sticks
Drink: Left Mouse Click/Right Trigger
Jump: Space/A
Reset ball: R/Y

Unreal 4
BBC's new free sound library.

Misc Dev Notes:
- I really wanted to add a violently punch button instead of a reset button to get out of corners, but ran out of time.
- First time I made an animation, the drinking one. Terrible looking but still yay for learning.


LD41SoccerDrinkingGame.zip 96 MB

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